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Model ES-20/60 - Orbital Shaker- Incubator



Orbital Shaker–Incubator ES-20/60 for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is a professional category equipment designed for cultivation of microorganisms and eukaryotic cells including animal, plant and insect cells. It is also possible to cultivate thermofilic bacteria in ES-20/60 shaker-incubator.

Shaker is equipped with a direct-drive mechanism for platform motion. It provides reliable and stable operation for the long term experiments needed for cell growth.

Shaker–Incubator ES-20/60 provides smooth or intensive mixing in flasks installed on the platform.

Built-in noiseless thermoresistant brushless fan provides precise temperature distribution inside the chamber (adjustable for up to +80°C). The inner chamber is made of stainless steel. State–of–the–art motor, newest thermal insulation materials, soft-start of the platform motion and temperature PID–control decrease the energy consumption and make the Shaker–Incubator highly energy efficient despite its relatively large size.

Speed control range 50–250 rpm (increment 10 rpm)
Temperature setting range +25°C... +80°C
Temperature control range 10°C above ambient... +80°C
Temperature setting resolution 0.1°C
Temperature stability ±0.5°C
Maximum load 8 kg
Orbit 20 mm
Digital time setting 1 min–96 hrs / non–stop (1 min increment)
Display LCD, 2 × 16 signs
Maximum continuous operation time 30 days
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 590 × 525 × 510 mm
Dimensions of the inner chamber 460 × 350 × 400 mm
Weight 41.1 kg
Nominal operating voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (230V / 120 V) 450 W (2 A) / 450 W (4.5 A)

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