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- Model WF - Weigh Feeder



Esit Weigh-feeders find application in processing, mainly cement, mine, chemical, grain or food industries, in order to supply materials with the necessary flow rates accurate and continuously.

The indicators used in the system posses wheatstone bridge based load cells for weight measurement and encoders coupled to the shaft for speed measurement. By utilizing PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) closed loop control method, adjusts the speed of the belt to reach the desired flow rate. At the same time the realized flow rate is transferred to main control room either analog or digitally. This enables the raw materials to be fed to the mill according to the recipe selected.

The operating state of the indicator, target and realized flow rates, total material passed, error and warning messages can be viewed and set on the operator display of the indicator or remotely on the operator display the main control unit PLC.

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