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Estate & Amenity Trailer


Innovative design & high build quality combine to produce a versatile, multi-purpose tipping trailer specifically designed for use with a 4 x 4 vehicle, or large car. It is ideal for the transportation of light, yet bulky, materials such as horse manure, grass or hedge clippings, bark chippings, garden, cardboard or general waste. The low loading height and rear ramp also make it suitable for transporting large garden machinery.

  • Galvanised steel construction for easy cleaning, low maintenance & long life.
  • Split rear doors fold down to form a half or full width ramp and open to either side of the trailer when tipping.
  • Low loading height 330mm (13')
  • Twin axle configuration for greater towing stability and better load distribution when tipping.
  • The mounting position of the tipping rams ensures that the body weight is kept close to the rear axle to give maximum stability during tipping.
  • Built-in electric/hydraulic tipping unit with 12 volt battery as standard.
  • Optional canvas canopy prevents light material being blown away during transport and keeps the trailer contents dry, to prevent the production of excessive liquid effluent.

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