Model ESX - Freely Programmable Electronic Control Unit



The freely programmable electronic control unit ESX is an independent measurement and control device for the sensor-actuator management. Multiple independent or linked tasks can be processed in real-time.

Flexibility / scalability:

Due to the extension possibilities via 2 internal interfaces, the control unit covers a wide range of applications for your machine. I/O and interface extensions are available.

It is also possible to realize customer-specific, interference-free expansion boards quickly and without affecting with the actual certification of the control unit.

Ambient conditions:

A robust aluminum die cast housing (Protection IP65, opt. IP67, with GORE-TEX membrane for pressure compensation) provides both, a high level of protection against electromagnetic interferences as well as reliable protection against mechanical stress.

The ESX was developed especially for use in vehicles and machines, which have to function reliably in harsh ambient conditions and extreme operating temperatures of -40 ... +85°C (-40 ... 185°F).


The ESX was developed and has been approved by the TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate) for applications in safety-critical applications up to SIL2 in accordance with IEC 61508.

A second switch-off path via a safety relay is available for the digital /PWM outputs.

Diagnosis and error handling:

All inputs and outputs are protected against overvoltage and short-circuits and are diagnosable.

Application examples:

  • Controlling the entire work hydraulics of a mobile machine
  • Electronic-hydraulic steering systems
  • Hydrostatic propulsion control with anti-blocking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS)
  • Gearbox control
  • Tilt and level control
  • Controlling proportional valves without additional amplifiers or controller cards, either via PWM-outputs (pulse-width modulated outputs) with internal current measurement or via outputs for proportional valves with integrated circuitry (PVG).


  • CAN : 1 x CAN, optional 2nd CAN, 2.0 B interfaces Full CAN, low/high speed up to 1 Mbit/s
  • RS232 : 1 x RS232, programmable baud rate up to 119 kBit/s

System Data

  • Power supply : 9 ... 32 V DC
  • Current consumption : Approx. 500 mA without power output, stand-by < 1 mA, total current max. 30 A


  • Digital/Speed input_HL_SW : 16 x input, high/low active (software-configurable), limit frequency up to 6.5 kHz, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
  • Digital-/PWM-output_4A_HS : 3 x 4 A, high-side, 0 ... 100 %, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
  • Digital/PWM output_4A_HSC : 5 x 4 A, high-side, 0 ... 100 %, with current measurement, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
  • Multi-function input_UI : 8 x analog inputs, 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 8.5 V, 10 bit, switchable via software, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
  • alternative PVG outputs (instead of PWM) : Up to 12 PVG outputs for controlling Danfoss valves (20 % UB•... 80 % UB)
  • Sensor supply_8.5V : 1 fixed-voltage output 8.5 V, max. load current?? mA, short-circuit proof


  • Internal connection port : Up to 2 expansion boards with up to 6 inputs / outputs each, e.g. for digital or analog I/Os, PVG outputs for Danfoss valves, input for encoder, communications interfaces or customer-specific design

Mechanical Data

  • Connector : 68-pole mobile-compatible connector (Tyco / AMP)
  • Dimensions : Approx. 170 mm x 195 mm x 72 mm (6.69' x 7.68' x 2.83')
  • Weight : Approx. 4.0 kg (4.4 lbs.)

Environmental Requirements

  • Requirements : Inspections acc. standards and requirements for vehicle, agricultural machinery and the construction machinery industry as well as CE conformity
  • Operating temperature : -40°C ... +85°C (-40°F ... +185°F) housing temperature

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