- Model OX - SP - Sub-Compact Tractor


The SP is our towing unit, whether it’s a wagon, a parade float, a gang mower or small agricultural implements. Tractors are above all about traction

If the job calls for high torque, low to moderate speed towing:

  • to cart baggage at a terminal, materials at a health center or a warehouse or a nursery
  • to haul hay, horse stall muck from race track barns or plants around a greenhouse or
  • to transport visitors around a convention center, a resort or theme park.

Then the Electric Tractor’s 0X2 SP will quietly, smoothly and without exhaust whisk its payload from pick-up to destination all day long.

The 0X2 SP can be completely recharged overnight for less than a dollar. With little regular maintenance and minimal operating costs, the SP pays its own way.

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