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- Floating Pumps & Shrimp Harvester



ETEC is a company supplying solutions targeting efficiency in pumping large volume of water, needed in aquaduct, agriculture, aquaculture, flooding control and irrigation systems. ETEC produces innovating solutions which bring reliable & long-lasting devices with savings & efficiency as the result of a team work of engineers and water users like aquaculturists. These solutions are applied to pumping of large volume of freshwater, brackishwater and seawater, as well to mechanized harvesting of large volume of shrimp/prawn which will be transferred directly, without water from the pond, into the icing process on the dike. ETEC is capable to adjust & propose best adapted solutions for your specific production site, specially when soils are unstables (floating pumps do NOT require any large concrete building), or in hurrican risky regions, etc…

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