- Model SP.36 - Folding Harrows



Folding Eternum Large are new generation power harrows equipped with a special self-supporting frame in high tensile steel. lts great reliability and working width from m 4 to 8 enable you to reach remarkable per-hour productivity levels. An hydraulic device allows to flex the power harrow from the tractor's cab, making it easy to move on the road. They are equipped with special rotors with gears mounted on taper roller bearings and can be provided with the patented Rapident system for the rapid replacement of tines from the centre of the rotor on demand. Ideal for large crops.

Screw regulated fine tilting bar

  • Our screw regulated fine tilting bar guarantees an exceptional adjustment and the easiest way to use. Its ideal position close to rotors allows an excellent ground thinning. The four slides give particular ruggedness.

Double articulated joint

  • Double articulated joint with solid special-steel pins.

Safety hooks

  • Heavy-duty safety hooks open and c!ose directly from the drivng positon

Road width

  • Large frame 300 cm

Simplified maintenance

  • Half-closing valve for an easy and accurate maintenance completely safe.

Highest stiffness during working activities

  • During your working activities the truss shape guarantees the highest stiffness (it is also possible to have a floating version upwards).

Roller adjustment

  • Hydraulic roller adjustment with a system with pressure balanced design cylinders.

Stability during transport

  • During transport the 'X' shape guarantees a solid and strong stability.

Level: right power harrow positioning

  • On the new frames cast in one piece, Frandent has placed in the upper part a spherical level to show the right power harrow's positioning while working, avoiding damages caused by the wrong angles of the cardan shaft transmission.

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