- Model V.9 - Fixed Harrow



Power harrows series N and V are the best to prepare the ground by means of low - medium power tractors. As all Eternum series they are sturdy and high-quality machines; moreover, they are really easy to use. Top strength frames, gear units mounted on taper roller bearings, rear roller adjustable in depth with hole system. Types V9 are particularly suitable for working in small areas such as orchards or vineyards.


Screw regulated fine tilting bar
Our screw regulated fine tilting bar guarantees an exceptional adjustment and the easiest way to use. Its ideal position close to rotors allows an excellent ground thinning. The four slides give particular ruggedness.


Level: right power harrow positioning
On the new frames cast in one piece, Frandent has placed in the upper part a spherical level to show the right power harrow's positioning while working, avoiding damages caused by the wrong angles of the cardan shaft transmission.


New frames cast in one piece
Frandent has designed a new frame exceptionally strong that can support also the heaviest stresses. It has been built in high-strength steel, equipped with two heavy-duty tubular stiffeners, tested and inspected in the most demanding working conditions.

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