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- Model Sidewinder - 36` Mini Skid Steer Flail Mower



The Sidewinder is a one of a kind compact flail mower that will work with your mini Skid Steer Loader regardless of how big or how small it is.  We designed this mower in 2004 and have been amazed at the multiple applications it has endured.  It was originally designed to run on our boom arm, but quickly people realized just what an awesome mower it was so it ended up on excavators, backhoes and now mini skid steers.  We have motor siszes available for machines rated from 5 GPM all the way up to 22 GPM.  We have several mounting systems available but one thing that is really unique is the clamping tube that we use for the mounts.  It enables you to slide the mower all of the way to one side so you can use it as an offset mower and cut along fencelines or ditchlines.

The open face and deep cutter design of the eTerra flail mower head makes it extremely useful for roadside mower. Cut the toughest of brush and maintain roadside grass areas with ease. The added reach and durability of this attachment is amazing. The power and speed of cut is outstanding. Cost of ownership is great because the teeth are readily available and inexpensive.
It has a full width steel roller that allows you to float your machine hydraulics and the mower will follow the contour of the land. This gives you a far superior cut to using a large rotary mower that you have to balance and try to control over varying contours.
Just another awesome attachment from eTerra. Made in Washington State.

The price shown is only for the flail mower and mini skid steer mount to fit your older non-universal mount Gehl mini skid steer.

Price Includes:

  • ET-SW-36 - Sidewinder Mower
  • ET-UMA-100 - Universal Tube Adaptor
  • ET-MBP-02-GL - Gehl Advantage Twin Rail Mount
  • Motor Rated from 7 - 20 GPM (Choose Your Option)
  • Hoses & Flat Faced Couplers
  • Check Valve Relief

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