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EthylBloctechnology is an ethylene action inhibitor that works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh from the field during shipping and distribution. It can be used with cut flowers, potted flowers, and bedding, nursery and foliage plants. The negative effects of ethylene have been estimated by the industry to cause up to 30% of losses among all flowers and plants.EthylBloctechnology interacts with the ethylene receptor in the flower cells, inhibiting the effects of ethylene.

EthylBloc™technology is environmentally friendly and leaves no trace or residue after treatment, and is completely safe for humans and animals.

Ethylbloc benefits
  •  Increases flower life up to 300 percent
  •  Ideal for treating flowers and plants in air tight spaces during shipping and air / truck transport
  •  Reduces ethylene-induced flower, bud and leaf drop
  •  Contributes to eliminate leaf yellowing
  •  Inhibits opening and wilting of flowers caused by ethylene
  •  Effective in both refrigerated and room temperature conditions

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