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Ethylene Eliminator in Fresh Produce Storage Chambers


ETHYLCLEAN machines are the ideal solution for sanitising air and eliminating ethylene in fresh produce storage chambers.


Being able to manage air quality (e.g. ethylene, volatile compounds, fungus spores) during the different stages of post-harvest (e.g. storage, transportation, distribution) has a very significant impact on slowing senescence and maintaining the quality of fresh produce post-harvest.

As experts in air filtration, Bioconservacion offer solutions to eliminate contaminants from the air in an effective manner during all the stages of the post-harvest process.

ETHYLCLEAN machines are the ideal solution for sanitising air and eliminating ethylene in fresh produce storage chambers (e.g. fruit, vegetables and ornamental flowers) from the storage chambers at the point of origin through to distribution warehouses of large distributors or smaller supermarkets. In addition to fruit and vegetables there are other fresh products such as meat and fish which are also affected by the air quality where they are stored.

As meat proteins break up they produce amino acids. These acids decompose, producing highly odorous gasses such as sulphydrics and mercaptan. Fish also produce strong odours due to trimethylamine.

Bioconservacion have developed a range of machines to eliminate these harmful gasses from the air with the following beneficial results:

  • Some funguses do not develop if the air is clean (Anthracnose, Penicillum)
  • Fat oxidation is slowed down
  • The flesh retains its good colour longer, reducing losses through exudation and retarding the formation of surface slime.

The ETHYLCLEAN range is composed of various models that provide solutions for different needs according to the volume of the storage chamber, the sort of product being stored and its conservation period.

This equipment is easy to maintain and is installed in each storage chamber according to specific criteria.

ETHYLCLEAN machines deliver high filtration efficiency thanks to a system of V shaped modules which maximise the surface area of air in contact with granulates, avoiding by-pass. The high efficiency is also due to the high air flow they process. These improvements translate into:

  • Increased air purification efficiency
  • Much lower final levels of ethylene
  • Greater volume of purified air
  • Longer active period of the granulate

The Bi-On granulate contained in the full range of ETHYLCLEAN equipment does not come into direct contact with the stored products and leaves no residue whatsoever in fresh produce. In addition it is fully compatible for use with ecological and organic products.

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