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MetaMid Complete with Eucon body H 1500mm 15m3 505/50x17R. Complete 105181, Chassis 102202, Body 103768. Pendulum bogie distance 1 045mm. Maximum load 5,5 tons per axle. Flange width 1 850mm, Coated according KTL-method, black. Rim connection 161x205x6, open nuts. Hydraulic brakes 2 pieces per axle, 50% according to VVFS 2003:6. Manually adjusted brakes, max hydraulic pressure 110 bar. Cover sheets stop dirt entering brake drum. Back tipping, tipping angle 55°, Oil volume 10L 210bar, Electrical system 12 Volts. Rear ball coupler for the containers dia.76mm, distance between them 1100mm. Prepared consoles for mounting an axle lifting system. Console for a rear drawbar, rear electrical socket 7 pol.. Chassis weight 1 735 kg, Technical load 14 000 kg

  • Eucon container 103768
  • Length 4 165 mm, Height 1500mm, Capacity 15m3
  • Front wall sight window (perforated) incl. cover plate
  • Hydraulic tailgate
  • Steel Brinell 450 Thickness 3,2-2mm
  • Weight of the trailer 3 150 kg, Payload 10 850 kg
  • Surface treatment: chemical degreasing, blasting SA2,5 The body is puttied. The colour of the chassis is grey Painting: C2 in BSK 99 two component, rust preventing pigmented Glossy polyurethane with good weather and wear resistance The surface is easy to maintain clean

Equipped with:

  • Hydraulic rear outlet 1/2 flow per piece (for hydraulic tailgate), 106643 x 2pcs.
  • Rear hydr.socket Brakes (oil) in serial connection, 106642
  • Rear drawbar bolt-on clevis, 105366

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