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- Model RELOADER H5 - Grain Carts and Re-loading Machines



In the past 3 years the transport distance from fields to farms has been getting longer, namely due to the boom of biogas stations. This represents a significant obstacle for the transport technology. Tractor transport for longer distances becomes a non-efficient link of the whole line and trucks cannot drive on fields.

Our company has created a genius solution in the form of a reloading station that separates tractor transport from truck transport. The RELOADER H5 stands on the edge of the harvested field. Tractors with trails drive from the chopper to the reloader, which moves the matter to a truck standing on the road. Combined transport brings significant savings of costs for fuel and tires and of time spent on the road. Our users say that this system is efficient for distances starting already at 10-12 km.

Fast preparation - the machine is very compact and it can be transported on a smaller tractor with power of about 120 hp. On the field the machine is parked next to the road so that the arm leads into the truck standing on the road. The conveyor is gradually put into position and the machine is prepared for operation. The whole operation takes about 5 minutes. In another 5 minutes the machine is assembled and ready for transport.

Drive and machine control - all machine functions are driven by internal pumps on the machine. Only the supporting leg for the machine and piston rod for positioning the bar are controlled hydraulically from the tractor. The tractor turns the output shaft at maximum speed of 540 RPM. 1000 RPM may be used in idle mode for more powerful tractors, as it significantly saves fuel. There is no mechanical gearbox on the machine and the fuel consumption is very low thanks to the hydraulic drive - about 0.1 l of fuel per ton.

Reloading - reloading the trailer from the tractor to the truck is relatively easy. On the machine, just like for a haylage press, the movement of the conveyor belt from which the matter is directed to 2 conveyors at a constant speed is monitored. 1 full truck trailer is filled in 8-12 minutes depending on the selected tractor trailers. We recommend using a combination of a triple-axle large-volume vehicle with a volume of 65 m3, which is reloaded to one truck in 7 minutes.

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