- Trailed Seedbed Harrow



Euro-Dan Eco trailed seedbed harrow is available in 5-8 m working widths. The keywords for Euro-Dan Eco are large capacity and flexibility with the possibility to mount equipment optimizing the field work for any farm. Euro-Dan  Eco has the necessary weight and is equipped with all the necessary tools to prepare even the most heavy clay soil. The large depth wheels ensure a precise harrow depth regardless of highly varied soil quality.

Besides, the Euro-Dan Eco is easy to operate  with among other things automatic locking of side sections in transport position and with harrow depth control. On 5 and 6 m models the harrow depth is controlled by distance clips on the lifting cylinders of the wheels and by spindles. On 7 and 8 m models the harrow depth is controlled by central operated electric dept stop. From the cabin the levelling bar is operated hydraulically ensuring an optimal  utilization of the levelling effect of the levelling bar. A mounting of a strong front-harrow before the front Spring-Board levelling bar guarantees an extra good preparation on heavy soil types.

  • The harrow depth adjustment by the distance clips at each wheel frame (5-6m)
  • When the Euro-Dan is equipped with a strong front-harrow the row spacing is 6.7 cm (on a standard harrow, the row spacing is 9.0 cm).
  • The Spring-Board levelling bar with hydraulic adjustable aggressiveness.     The Spring-Board after-harrow is connected to the front levelling bar, making the aggressivenes hydraulically adjustable. The front and the rear bar are independently adjustable by the connecting bar. The Spring-Board after-harrow can be mounted together with the long finger after-harrow.

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