- Model 1200 - Slurry Injectors for Hose Feed Systems



The EURO 1200 is a new type of slurry injector, specially developed for applying slurry to grassland, tilled and untilled agricultural land using a hose-feed system. The EURO 1200 is fitted with 300 mm diameter blades, which are 24 mm thick and cut a slit in the sod for slurry injection. The slurry injector has a working breath of 12 metres and is fitted with 2 cutting spacers for optimal slurry distribution. It also has load-sensing, driven by the tractor hydraulics. The functions are electronically operated by the Veenhuis CANbus system, including the proportional coulter pressure control and reverse coulter pressure.

Solid three-part blades
The blades of the EURO 1200 are made up of three parts and have a unique shape. This ensures that the blade is self-grinding so that the slit is always the same – even when the blade is worn. The double bearing with solid seals ensures that the blade cuts a vertical slit in the ground with a minimum of resistance, without loosening or upturning the sod. The lubrication points are positioned centrally on each element to make maintenance easier. Central lubrication is an option.

Even discharge and level working depth
The blades are suspended at 200 mm intervals in a parallelogram construction on independent, ground-hugging elements. The uniquely shaped discharge rubbers maintain their upright position so that slurry can also be spread evenly and horizontally on uneven terrain. The hydraulic pendulum system has a cylinder radius of 12 cm and guarantees an even working depth across the entire breadth of the slurry injector. The discharge rubbers are fitted with hydraulic double-action foot valves to prevent any slurry leakage.

Large running wheels
The frame is supported by two large running wheels, attached one behind the other, which are connected to the lifting direction of the tractor. This keeps soil damage to a minimum when turning on the headland.

Guide rail
The EURO 1200 is fitted with a rail, which enables the towing point of the feed hose to be guided sideways. By moving the feed hose to the side of the machine shortly before it reaches the headland, the headland is decreased. This ensures that the hose is not covered in slurry (above ground) or damaged.

  • Workwidth in mm 12.000   
  • Transport width in mm 3.000   
  • Linkage 3-Points Cat.III
  • Number of coulters/discs 60   
  • Number of coulters/discs per element 2
  • Distance between coulters/discs in mm 200   
  • Disc diameter in mm 300
  • Amount of streampipes 60   
  • Diameter outlet pipes in mm 40
  • Number of running wheels 2
  • Suited for umbilical systems on

  • Frame radiated and sprayed in 2-component lacquer 
  • Elements with parallelogram suspension (Euroject 3000) 
  • Massive, three part coulter discs with a cross-section of 300 mm and a thickness of 24 mm 
  • 2 cutting distributors with each 30 outlets 
  • Supply hose with rubber slurry outlets of Ø 60 mm 
  • 3-point linkage 
  • Hydraulically collapsible with transport lock 
  • Lighting

  • Section-closure 2x2, left and right 
  • Slurry measurement through flow meter, read out from control cabinet CANbus

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