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ROPA North America

- Model V8-4 - Harvesting Machine


Cabin: The ‘euro-cabin’ offers easy working conditions and an ergonomically arranged workplace. It offers a good all-round view, especially over the topping and lifting units, because of the purpose-designed cabin. Control: Computer aided control ensures optimum efficiency. This also gives excellent manoeuvrability for driving on roads. The 60° pivot articulation (30° left and right) allows the smallest possible turning circle.


Axle Weight Distribution
The beet tank volume of 40m³ is effectively distributed over 3 axles through axle load control and can be unloaded efficiently in approximately 60 seconds.

Motive power engineering
A super modern drive technique is combined with a highly efficient, economical and reliable V8 diesel engine and a load sensing hydraulic system. A proven, powerful drive transmission ensures highest possible traction at any time.

Axle Weight Distribution
Flail, depth wheel, cleaning rollers, transfer conveyer and cleaning turbines are individually adjustable to maximise their cleaning capability. Optimum cleaning is ensured with automatic speed adjustment.

Flail / Leaf Spreader
The integral flail, or flail with auger leaf spreader ensures a nutrition orientated leaf distribution.

Beet Lifting
The newly developed PRh unit provides clean and effective harvesting; it is maintenance friendly and low in wear and tear.


PSh integral flail unit

Depth control is achieved via 2 sensor wheels mounted directly at the front of the flail housing. The setting can be altered individually right and left or synchronized with the joystick. The operator monitors the set depth by means of two display scales. The adjustable hydraulic loading of the flail unit is shown on the colour terminal.

Four different types of defoliator unit can be supplied depending on requirement:

1. PASh – allrounddefoliator

The PASH-Defoliator ist a combination of integral defoliator and the defoliator with lateral leaf ejection auger and leaf spreader.

2. PISh – integral defoliator

The chopped leaf is mulched and spread between the rows using leaf deflectors. Row after row working from one side can then be harvested. This standard model is recommended for normal conditions.

3. PBSWh – with lateral leaf ejection auger and leaf spreader

The cutting flails throw the leaf on to the auger which conveys it onto the leaf spreader. The chopped leaf is then scattered from the spreader to the left of the harvested area. This unit type is recommended particularly for harvesting conditions with a high weed concentration or on extremely stoney ground.

4. PBSOh – special defoliation unit for extremely difficult conditions

The unit has 4 sensor wheels set on staggered rows which adjust optimally to soil unevenness and ensure that uniform height control is maintained particularly on uneven ground.

Comfortable maintenance position of the defoliator unit:

The leaf spreader defoliators can be raised up to 90° to provide access for maintenance, including knives and shares. This can be operated from controls in the cab or at ground level at the unit.

Optimal Scalping Unit
A parallel topping knife with an automatically regulated cutting angle ensures precise topping.

ROPA Micro-Topper - Precision Leaf topping

ROPA has responded to the growing demand for harvesting beet with their crowns intact but leaves and storks cut off and developed the optimal solution which should equally satisfy beet growers, lifting contractors and sugar processors!

The ROPA Micro-Topper 2 has proven itself in operation with striking results. No other harvester offered a better 'cut' at the harvesting trials in Lelystadt.

The significant advantages of ROPA Micro-Topping are:

  • Additional yield for the beet grower through harvesting the undamaged beet precisely topped
  • Subject to the requirements of the beet grower the Micro-Topper 2 performs a second cut or in order to harvest the whole beet only 'shaves off' the leaves (Micro-Topping)
  • Consistently high harvesting speeds are possible when topping with a secondary precision scalping unit – undiminished operational
  • efficiency.
  • Even with a highly irregular growth a perfect alignment can be made with the visibly varying head heights of the beet
  • No increased fuel consumption, spare part expenditure and maintenance
  • A simple upgrade of all harvesting components is possible

With its Micro-Topper 2 ROPA allows for total harvesting of the entire usable beet. The additional yield offers the beet grower an increased profit.

ROPA- innovative technology for an economical sugar beet harvest.

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