- Model V8-4 - Sugar-Beet Harvester


ROPA has further developed the sugar beet leaves cleaning. At the newly developed defoliator with rubber flails from ROPA the both fully hydraulic driven cleaning rotors can be adjusted at the rotation speed independently from the other – unique!

  • New Mercedes V8-Diesel engine with 2800 Nm torque
  • New drive with 12% more pump efficiency and 5% higher traction
  • Intelligent three-point with integrated measuring system for more accurate depth control of the pickup rollers
  • Larger front tyres - only 1.4 bar at full tank capacity
  • Improved cabin positioning
  • Speed of longitudinal and cross tank conveyors continuously adjustable
  • New share plates with 6 different available positions
  • Extended unloading conveyor for all standard models
  • Micro-Topper for all standard models

New Mercedes Benz V8 Dieselenginer
OM502LA with 2800 Nm max. torque,
exhaust level 97/68/EG 3B (with SCRCat
and AdBlue), 440 kw (598 HP),
harvesting revs. 1.250 rpm (operative
up to max 1.650 rpm), fuel consumption
indicator l/ha and l/h at the terminal.
Fuel tank capacity: 1380 l, AdBlue 120 l,
separate connection for tank filling

Continuous hydrostatic drive via 2-gear
all wheel drive.
1. gear 0 - 13,5 km/h
2. gear 0 - 20 km/h, or 0 - 25 km/h
3 mechanically driven axles with differential
locks, automatic axle displacement
control for the 3rd axle, cross shaft axle
support lock for front axle, automatic
drive and harvesting, load limit control,
pressure switch-off

New cabin installation, sound-proof and
all-round tinted glazing with low horizon,
heating and air-conditioning (automatic),
operator console with colour terminal,
joystick-operation, auto pilot, tempomat,
engine control/machine diagnostics
fully integrated in terminal, suspension
Grammer comfort seat, MP3-radio
with audio system, holder for telephone,
full-screen wipers, 2 LED internal lights,
video monitor with standard reversing
camera, yield indicator via ultra sound
measuring system of tank load status

1st axle 1800/70 R 32
2nd axle 1050/50 R 32
3rd axle 1000/50 R 25

Tank capacity:

Ca. 40 m3

Loading height/unloading height:
Up to 4.00 m

Defoliator unit:
PISh with integrated flail and leave
deflectors between the rows
PBWSh with leaf spreading to the left
and 2 topper wheels for 6 rows, 45 cm
and/or 50 cm row width
PBSOh with 4 topper wheels, for 6 rows
45 cm row width
PASh - ROPA alround flailer for 6 rows,
45 cm and/or 50 cm row width

Lifting unit:
PR-lifting unit, hydraulically driven:
6 rows and 45 cm or 50 cm row distance,
optional PRh-V 45-50 cm variable PR-XL:
6 rows, 30 inches
8 rows, 45 cm, 50 cm or 22 inches,
9 rows, 45 cm, 50 cm or 20 inches

Infeed conveyor 800 mm wide, separation
50 mm or 60 mm
1st turbine 1.700 mm diameter /
2nd and 3rd turbine 1.500 mm diameter
Elevator ring trace 900 mm wide

Internal net 24 volts, 2 lights of 100 amps.
each, 32 super-beam operating at 70 W
each, 2 sockets of 12 volts for radio/telephone
etc., CAN-Bus computing system
with diagnostic for all elements connected
to terminal, possibility of software
update via USB interface

length: 14,95 m
height: 4,00 m (transport setting)
width: 3,00 m (6 rows at 45 cm row)
13,30 m (6 rows at 50 cm row and 45-50 cm variable)

Central lubrication, data management
on the terminal, incl. fuel consumption
measurements, air-conditioning automatic,
rear shelf with 2 integrated storage
lockers (not for PR-XL)

Widia-shares, 25 km/h version, turbine
camera, unloading conveyor camera,
2nd LCD-colour monitor, quick shares
motion, pig tail gates in turbines 1-3,
quirl in 2nd turbine, leaf spreader with
stone protection, 4th axle (compulsory
in Germany), xenon beam, data printer,
data output via USB, data input and
output with task processing via USB,
GIS-interface, GPS-driving speed sensor,
leaf collecting equipment (only for flail
with auger), additional hydraulic pump
45 cm3 for extra drive, bio-hydraulic oil,
limit indicator at diesel tank, pressurized
air brake at transport vehicle for PR-XL
pickup units and hydraulic fast coupling,
chicorée equipment

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