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- Universal Device for Rapid Cultivation


Eurocult II of Agri Farm – the universal device for rapid cultivation, with little wear, less maintenance and lower costs. A device for the stubble breaking, the tilling of green fallow, working in of slurry and manure, and for the seedbed preparation. A frequent, uniform and fine mixing of the stubble is achieved with the 5 rows of tines.By an appropriate own weight good move and vibration-free working is even on very hard floors possible. The tine spacing of 13 cm and 59 cm extreme passage height of the strong spring tines (70x12 mm) ensure intensive, fine mixing. The 5 rows of tines achieve a good leveling, and the 2 rows of cage rollers crush powerfully and solidify the ground.


The semi-mounted fine cultivator EUROCULT II, which is also equipped with 5 rows of tines and 13 cm tine spacing, has an higher own weight and works thereby still more intensively.
Two large, stable cage rollers ensure an optimal consolidation of the soil.The parallel depth adjustment is carried out hydraulically in combination with aluminum anchor hooks.

A total of 4 double-acting hydraulic connections are required for the trailed fine cultivator (drawbar, chassis, folding, depth adjustment).By the integrated chassis - it is located between the last row of tines and the middle rollers - the equipment becomes very agile.

The semi-mounted EUROCULT II can be used very versatile as tillage of greening, seedbed preparation prior to corn, stubble cultivation, intermediate processing (weed minimization) and fertilizer incorporation.Due to the low tine spacing no large clods are created and the soil is thoroughly mixed.

A row of straw harrow tines (12 mm) can be supplied on request.The low draft of the device and the relatively low purchase price guarantee low costs per hectare. For an effective and cost-efficient tillage before the mulch sowing of grain:The subsoiler SOILBREAKER of AGRI FARM with intermediate tines and the fine cultivator EUROCULT II enable to work the land with very low energy- and time requirement. 


  • 5 rows of tines
  • High-quality spring tines 70x12 mm
  • Tine spacing 13 cm
  • Passage height 59 cm
  • 2 rows cage rollers – in front Ø 37 cm and behind Ø 32 cm
  • 2 rows cage rollers (semi-mounted) – in front Ø 58 cm and behind Ø 48 cm
  • Double-sealed special ball bearings
  • 3-piece folding – ideal for working on edges (mounted)
  • Complete frame made of steel ST52 (S355)
  • Hydraulic drawbar (semi-mounted)
  • Hydraulic chassis (semi-mounted)


  • 1 row cage rollers Ø 41 cm and straw harrow tines
  • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 40 cm and straw harrow tines
  • Rubber supporting wheels and straw harrow tines
  • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 58 cm (semi-mounted)
  • Sweep share 20 cm
  • Lateral supporting wheels (semi-mounted)
  • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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