TMF Milk Feeders

- Fully Automatic Feeders Machines



The TMF Milk Feeders fully automatic machines work by constantly providing a feed of pre mixed powdered milk and warm water. As the milk mixture is consumed the level drops, once the level drops below a pre set point the machine will mix up another feed.

The machine has a powder hopper at the top and a heated water tank in the bottom. The water temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat. When the machine is triggered to feed it feeds warm water, milk powder and mixes all automatically. On the Eurolouve the amount of milk powder dispensed is fixed, but the amount of water is adjustable to allow simple accurate calibration of the machine. The Nurselac allows the amount of milk powder and water to be adjusted. This allows the operator to set the machine up to mix feeds from 250ml to a massive 1000ml. If the water temperature were to exceed 60°C it would cut out until the water cools down.

These machines can be easily installed into any type of building.


    • Feeds up to 30 calves or 200 lambs
    • 20kg powder hopper
    • 20ltr water tank with 2000w water heater
    • New heat transfer system to gently transfer warmth to the milk in the bowl
    • Rinse facility
    • Removable mixing bowl for easy cleaning
    • Thermo trip protection
    • Guard grill in hopper

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