- Model II 180 - Semi-Mounted Reversible Ploughs



Semi-mounted reversible ploughs EUROPA II 180 are used for ploughing of loamy soils with resistance to 140 kPa with shear bolt protection of plough bodies and for ploughing of  stony soils with restinace to 110 kPa with spring Non-stop mechanism.


Modular system of plough allows to installation of 5-9 plough bodies. Suitably selected ploughing system - plough bodies, skimmers and coulters ensures an excellent work in the given soils - good crumbling of hunk and good quality burying of organic residues. The setting system of the first plough body controlled by hydraulic cylinder allows to correct changes of soil or terrain conditions immediately. Reversible, hydraulically controlled execition type of plough enables good quality ploughing of land from any side avoiding ridge and furrow as with single-sided ploughs. It is possible to aggregate a land packer or clod crusher whose utilisation will save at least one working operation in the follow-up pre-sowing preparation.

  • rotation of the plough is ensured by the ratchet bar placed between two hydraulic cylinders. This system ensures still and smooth rotation regardless of the momentary position of the machine on the slope
  • the support frame is made of special micro alloyed fine-grained tube of diameter 180 mm and material thickness of 10 mm
  • the wearing parts are made of special abrasion-resistant steel
  • control of the plough from tractor cabin – rotation, adjustment of the width of the first plough body, adjustment of the depth of ploughing
  • using trashboards or skimmers allow to a perfect burying of plant residues
  • choice of further accessories and plough bodies

Semi mounted plough Europa II consists of suspension, chassis, rotary head, support (bracket), frame, axle, wheel, holders of plough bodies (universal 350 and 400, slatted 400 or semihelicoidal 350) a traffic signs.

The suspension is used for connecting plough to the tractor.   The suspension is connected on the plough via a universal joint to the chassis.  On the chassis is installed rotary head. It ensures a frame rotating with holders of plough bodies around the axle. The axle is connected to the chassis in front of the plough and to the depth wheel in the rear. To accurately setting of ploughing depth serves depth wheel. The wheel is mounted to the main plough frame and its location depends on the length of an axle which is adjustable together with the main frame with respect to the number of plough bodies of the plough. The plough is controlled by hydraulic circuit. For transport on roads plough is equipped with traffic signs and lightning.

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