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The EUROPLAN II seedbed devices of AGRI FARM were created for a precision seedbed: the perfect basis for sugar beets, rape, vegetables, grain, corn and all other crops.The revolutionary system with individual elements offers the really 'millimeter-exact' depth guidance. The 5 rows of tines are exactly guided at the desired depth, by three, with perforated plates adjustable supporting and cage rollers – regardless of the respective soil condition. Straight, constantly vibrating spring tines (46 cm) with a tine spacing of 6,5 cm, bring a substantially better working quality by the accurate depth guidance.The individual, parallel guided elements are secure against twisting mounted in the frame.

They can adapt from there only in the driving direction to the ground, a transverse torsion is not possible. As a result, the seedbed is unique leveled. The relatively high weight of the short forming tube frame is transferred evenly with leaf springs to all elements. This ensures an accurate ground adaptation with a constant ground pressure. So the cage rollers can powerfully crush the seedbed, level and solidify.The result is a level field, on the surface loosened and well crushed, in the desired depth of some centimetres well solidified. The sown seeds will find ideal conditions for the rapid and uniform germination. On top fine and loose, in the sowing horizon firmly and humid. The water household is spared.EUROPLAN II seedbed cultivators perform more intensive work. This means fewer passages, greater effectiveness and fewer costs per hectare.

  • 5 rows of tines
  • Straight harrow spring tines 32x12 mm, with reversible narrow shovels
  • Tine spacing 6,5 cm
  • Passage height 46 cm
  • Passage width 32,5 cm
  • Three rows of cage rollers:
    • Solidification roller in front  Ø 32 cm
    • Solidification roller behind  Ø 32 cm
    • Fine cage roller behind  Ø 32 cm
  • Large, relubricatable ball bearings
  • 3-piece folding – ideal for working on edges (mounted)
  • Complete frame made of steel ST52 (S355)
  • Hydraulic drawbar (semi-mounted)
  • Optional:
    • Reinforcing springs
    • Crossboard (self-regulating)
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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