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- Glass Photovoltaic Greenhouses



Also the Venlosunglass greenhouses, are suitable for the application of photovoltaic panels; they have a “iron-glass” structure made of flat lattice beam, on which 3.20 m modular trusses are placed.

The basic measures of each flat beam nave can be the following :

  • 2 X 3.20 m (6.40 m)
  • 3 X 3.20 m (9.60 m)
  • 4 X3.20 m (12.80 m)
  • 3 X 2.80 m (8.40 m) ASYMMETRIC
  • 4 X 2.80 m (11.20 m) ASYMMETRIC

50% Covering of roof pitches with photovoltaic panels and the remaining 50 % of the roof pitches is usually covered with tempered glass.

The plant and the foundations are realized on a perfectly horizontal leveled platform. Foundation calculation hypothesis: resistance to the ground of 1.4 fromn/cm²up to a depth of 1 m under the fiished ground, in a mobile ground and out of the water. Our structure is articulated on the prefabricated nuts.

Framework of the greenhouse:

  • Hot galvanized steel structure after processing
  • Fastening by hot galvanized bolts
  • Welded lattice beams: hot galvanized lattices after processing. Width 3 x 3.20 m
  • High and low framework sized in compliance with the legal loads – height of the beam 450 mm
  • Traverses and spacers in hot galvanized steel profiles after processing.

Hot galvanized tubular profile poles after processing, sized in compliance with the legal loads

Gutters: opened V-shaped steel profile – passage width 175 mm


Clear temperated float glass – thickness 4 mm on 50 % of the roof pitches.

Thermally temperated safety sodium silicate glass

For its productioon, a permament compression stress is induced on the surface by a controlled heating and cooling process for greater resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses leading to breaks. Dimensions of the sheets: thickness 4 mm.

Positioning: on the North roof pitches, on the window doors and all over the perimeter of the vertical walls.

Ridge aeration: ventilation through doors made of 3 half glasses. Transmission mechanism through push tube or oscillation with openings.

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