- Model David - Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader



Twin disc fertilizer spreader for open field spreading up to 15 metres (18 metre distribution with optional vanes). Reduced overall dimensions, ideal for mid-powered tractors and for the precise distribution of mineral fertilizers, organic-amenders and seeds.

  • Variable geometry feed proportioning to guarantee precise and even distribution for variable quantities between 3 and 500kg/min.
  • Lateral feed system for the vanes to avoid fertilizer pulverization and guarantee perfect distribution on uneven grounds as well.
  • Filtering Vibro grids, anti-turbulence device above spreading discs, and all the feed proportioning and distribution components are made of stainless steel.
  • Independent left and right hydraulic control; simple effect hydraulic rams with single valve for tractor connection.
  • Chassis of extreme resistance, with category number 1 and 2 hitches, and with a second 150mm higher hole for standard distribution and top dressing.
  • Hopper in painted steel or stainless, gears in tempered steel, grease lubrication
  • PTO shaft with limiter.

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