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The high performance of the Eurotieffe series is due to two axial contra-rotating, full indipendent fans with variable pitch, spraying eachone only on one side. It is equipped with four movable baffles (two on each side) in order to adjust jet with according to the target to reach. Thanks to some fixed baffles inside the fan group, which works as distributors, air jets are quite homogeneous at different heights. Highly uniformal spraying is achieved through nozzles having the same diameter and calibrated holes.

These nozzles guarantee regular flow out of a device for controlling flow constant pressure. With the Eurotieffe series the following results are obtained: precise and homogeneous spraying on the whole tree; symmetrical lateral air jets; better spraying of lower side of the leaves; uniform jets at different heights; adjustable spraying air volume according to tree dimensions and quantity; reduced product dispersion and losses on the ground due to windage; reduced residual chemicals on fruit; applications at low, medium and high volume. Thanks to all these technical features Euro-tieffe series has shown extremelly good results with rows of very high trees. All models of this series are manufactured according to the stricter EC spedifications and standards.

  • Tank in fiberglass which can be fully emptied thanks to his non-plane surfaces
  • Frame and fan unit in hot-galvan-rzed steel
  • Drawbar adjustable in lenght and height
  • Axle adjustable in lenght and height
  • Two variable pitch fans out of nylon-glass or aluminium each with indipendent expansion clutch
  • Baffles to regulate jet flow according with tree height
  • Brass nozzles with double jet and anti-drop valve. Overgear: 2 speeds plus neutral posit on pru sure distribution and regulator on the tractor
  • Hydraulic stirrer with inspector hole
  • Suction filter with shut shut-off valve which can be inspected even with full talk
  • Hand washing tank separated from the main tank
  • Ball valve for easy and safe tank empting
  • Pump to be agreed with customers.

  • Additional Tank for washing pump, filter, pipes, nozzles and main tank
  • Non-polluting Ejector-Mixer for liquids and powders
  • Electrical Control unit.

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