- Model MK1.3 - Accurate Irrigation Controller


The EvapoIrrigator+ MK1.3 is an exciting addition to the E&TS Ltd range of irrigation control equipment. It offers growers automatic adjustment of irrigation frequency according to weather conditions. Incorporating all the control features and attributes of the MK1.1 EvapoIrrigator it gives the grower flexibility in choosing when to water.

The EII MK1.3 EvapoIrrigator+ extends the EvapoSensing range by storing the starts that would occur during the day, in those problematic areas where wetting would be a concern for personnel or to the general public. Simplicity is the key; the Irrigator+ will store starts over a period, normally during daylight hours and accessed at a time convenient to the grower. 

A simple 24 hour time clock with a volt free contact is connected to the inhibit input of the Irrigator+ to initiate irrigation and an end of cycle (E.O.C) relay to connected to the last station of the irrigation controller to signal the end of irrigation. The Irrigator+ is compatible with any existing controllers that can accept a remote start signal.  Fitting an EvapoIrrigator+ to an irrigation timer transforms it into an intelligent controller that will reduce water wastage, improve crop quality and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Installation is straightforward and flexible.

When used as a ‘stand alone’ integrator, the controller will provide a start for an irrigation controller, with degree hour integration adjustable from 1°h to 999°h. When the number of degree hours accumulated reaches the set adjustable targer, a potential free start relay contact closes for 5 seconds.

The output current loop, 0 - 20mA, when connected to the unique integrating feature of the ETS range of irrigation controllers, automatically adjusts the set watering times to suit the growing environment.

The output current loop 0 - 20mA can be used as a °hour programmed start(s) for other controllers

Field tested on six commercial nurseries in HDC funded research (HNS 159, HNS 159A; reports available to levy-payers from the HDC), evaposensor control offers many advantages.

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