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Evaporation Technology for your Special Requirements



Evaporation plants have been planned and built at the headquarters of ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH since 1908 and delivered worldwide. The experience of over 100 years is available to you. We always strive to meet all customer preferences and design the evaporation plants accordingly. We deliver both turnkey plants and single components.

Our evaporation plants meet all requirements in regard to optimal product properties, user-friendliness, reliability and economy and comply with the particular local conditions. Such requirements differ largely in the individual sectors to which we deliver. Industrial applications find their use in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Evaporation plants of ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH are used to concentrate:

  • Milk, whey and derivatives
  • Fruit juices such as from apples and citrus fruits including aroma reclamation
  • Starch and sugar beet juices
  • Extracts from coffee and plants
  • Glue and gelatine
  • Acids, alkaline solutions and salts such as sodium aluminate, sodium sulfite and sodium hydrogen sulfite
  • Organic and inorganic solutions such as Lactam water
  • Waste waters

The following type designs are used in ANA evaporation plants:

  • Falling film evaporators
  • Climbing film evaporators
  • Circulation evaporators
  • Force circulation evaporators
  • Trickling film evaporators 
  • Agitator evaporators
  • Kettle evaporators

Because of economic considerations, our evaporator plants are designed as single or multiple stage, with thermal vapour compression or with mechanical vapour compression. Our test evaporator plant can be used to test the evaporation characteristics; we also lease this plant upon request.

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