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Osmocote is a coated fertiliser. Every granule contains NPK (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium). A coating of organic resin is applied around the granule. This coating ensures that the nutrients are made available to the plant over a longer period of time.

It is important that the nutrients are protected from leaching and that the nutrients release a little every day. This means that the nutrients are fully available to the plant! There is no loss of nutrients, and the nutrition is efficient and very effective.

Osmocote Exact
Osmocote Exact Tablets
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Osmocote Pro
Osmocote Start
Osmocote Topdress NT

Sierrablen Flora Granules/Sierrablen Flora Tablets: Controlled release fertiliser for trees and shrubs.

Agroblen: Controlled release fertiliser for field grown trees and nursery stock crops.

Water Soluble Fertilisers

Peters Professional: Well known for its high quality and good results. An extensive range of product formulations providing a solution for every situation. Whether you choose Peters Professional as a standard fertiliser or to resolve a particular problem, you will always have the certainty of a sound fertilisation plan.

Peters Excel 'CalMag'

Peters Excel 'Acidifier'

Universol: Universol is one of the leading water soluble fertiliser brands. Using Universol gives you the certainty that all the nutrients are provided. Every Universol product contains a full spectrum of chelated trace elements.

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