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Excavated Basins


We specialize in supplying films for excavated basins. Custom pieces of work from LDPE, PVC and polypropylene, can be made up to approx. 5,000 m², which, if needed, can be welded together on location. Our specialist installation teams can, if needed, take measurements, give instructions when the film is pulled in, weld on location, fit custom-made outlets and install the bank protection.


This Flexible Polypropylene film is specially produced for the high requirements in the field of excavated water reservoirs and tankliners. Its low weight and mechanical properties, make this film wide usable. Due to its good UV stabilisation it is resistant to permanent sun radiation. ENPEX FPP is suitable for the storage of  food and drinking water. On project base the film can be supplied in 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 / 1.5 / or 2.0 mm.
Material : Flexible Polypropylene
Colour : Black
Thickness : 0,5 / 0,75 mm
Applications : Tankliners, recirculated, irrigation water, drinking, water, industrial fishfarms, fire extinguishing ponds, fish ponds, cultivation floors.
Warranty : 10 years

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