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- Model 21 S-Series - Commercial Lawn Mower

They say simplicity is the basis of great engineering. And it doesn’t get much simpler than the Exmark® Commercial 21 S-Series, beginning with its patented front height adjustment. This straightforward design makes conventional pivot-style adjusters obsolete. There are zero grease points and less than half the parts of other mowers in its class. That makes servicing the S-Series almost as easy as it gets. Then there’s the single speed transmission, simplified bail system, single-point rear height adjust, the innovative blade design that makes it easy to go from mulching to bagging…the Iist goes on and on. Just like the mower.

Goodbye guesswork: The S-Series features an open-top bag, so it’s easy for the operator to tell when it’s full. No more wasted time dumping half-full bags.
 •Single-speed transmission: Just engage and go, at speeds up to 4.2 mph. It’s simple operation makes the S-Series a great mower for training new employees.
 Multi-purpose blade: The innovative blade design makes it easy to go from mulching to bagging. And vice versa.

Engine: FJ180V Kawasaki KAI

Size: 21'

Controls: Push Zone

Weight: 107lbs

Length with Handle: 62'

Height with Handle: 38'

Width: 22'

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