Model C1 & C2 - Scan Systems



C1-SCAN and C2-SCAN systems use the merged geometric data from stems, logs, and cants provided by 3D scanners to generate a cutting solution as well as position the downstream mechanical equipment.  3D linear optimizers can be installed at the stem bucker, log sorter, primary breakdown, and secondary breakdown.

  • Proven superior technology;
  • 270° or 360° configuration;
  • Designed for applications requiring speed and accuracy;
  • Fully-automatic calibration procedure;
  • Manufactured with standard industrial components;
  • Best-price-based and defect-based solution;
  • Takes into consideration downstream equipment;
  • Effective with or without bark;
  • Possibility of  combining with an Expert Linear Optimizer;
  • Rotation control as well as that of saw speed and position;
  • Control of vertical displacement, shift, and skew when applicable;
  • V-belt or V-chain;
  • Samplings and simulations;
  • User-friendly interface and 3D display of the solution;
  • Now equipped with 3DPro scanners!

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