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- Treatment Plants in Aquaculture



The biological treatment is a vital element for all fish farms with recirculation of water. Today various solutions such as submerged, aerated filters or trickling filters are used in this process. Common to all systems is the necessity to ensure a high decomposition of ammonia - a condition of high productivity and sound economy.

The BIO-BLOK® products, developed by EXPO-NET Danmark A/S, are well-tested products that have proved to be very efficient in the bacteriological treatment of water from aquaculture plants.

EXPO-NET's BIO-BLOK products are suitable for:

  • Trickling filters, to treat and at the same time oxygenate and aerate (by removing the CO2) the waste water.
  • Submerged, aerated filters, easily installed also in existing tanks to increase efficiency and capacity.
  • Oxygenation of water.
  • Available with different areas of surface (100, 150 and 200 m2 surface per m3 BIO-BLOK®). The total surface is accessible to bacteria and it is porous so that the bacteria can settle fast and easy.
  • Also in case of occurrence of toxins in the water (chemicals, oil or the like), the full activity of the BIO-BLOK® products are quickly re-established.
  • Self-cleaning (the surplus bacteria are washed off during the normal operation).

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