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- Air Operated Auto Load Binders


ExTe Luftman load binders operate from the truck’s existing air system, making the task of load restraint simpler and safer. Air pressure does all the hard work, quickly tensioning cargo straps once activated, then actively applying post-tension to the load whilst it is in transit. No more straining on load binder bars or ratchet handles. No more stopping to re-tension straps a few kilometres down the road.

Introduced in 2013, new generation ‘Series 2′ load binders now feature 75% more line pull force and a finer ratchet mechanism, developed especially for the Australian market. Click on the above picture for more information on this release.

There are already thousands of Luftman units in use on logging trailers across Australia, with over 100 flat deck trucks recently joining the numbers securing packs of raw and laminated timber panel products.

Have cargo that is susceptible to shifting or settling during transport?

Want to improve fleet efficiency in fixed commodity haulage?

Fitting new trucks out with the best in safe and user friendly equipment?

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