Exterior Sandwich Walls



Concrete sandwich walls - durable and energy-saving. It is still true that time is money. However, energy costs play an increasingly big role as well. Rest assured that the concrete sandwich walls manufactured by Greten take this into account. Top-quality perimeter insulation (thermal conductivity 0.35) ensures great heat-insulation properties. The wall design with an internal leaf 14 cm thick, insulation 10 cm thick, and a concrete outer leaf of 6 cm guarantees a K-value of 0.32 W/m²K. Both the inner and the outer concrete leaves are made of concrete from the strength class C 35/45.

The concrete surface with a smooth formed finish is easy to clean. This significantly improves stable hygiene and lowers the amount of water used for cleaning. Surfaces of the wall exterior: rubbed, broom finish, washed concrete.

Modern manufacturing tables as well as qualified personnel ensure that the quality of the wall components remains consistently high. Reinforcement is incorporated based on statical calculations. Upon customer request, we also integrate reveal windows, ventilation components, openings, and door components into the sandwich walls at the plant. Fastening rails may be built into the top of the supporting frame as well for future fastening of wooden roof frame structures.
This modern building method helps reduce construction times considerably. Statically necessary supports are manufactured by our erection crew on site.

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