Extreme Duty Brush Cutter



The extreme duty brush cutter is a high-powered, low flow, direct drive unit with a 2-year warranty. The hydraulic motor drives a 2 5/8” shaft that is housed in 2 massive bearings submerged in oil. Under the deck, instead of a spline shaft, it has a 13” x 1” flange with 10 countersunk bolts connecting the blade carrier. The wire protection kit between the deck and the blade carrier keeps fence wire and vines away from the lower bearing seal and reduces down time from hidden debris. This powerful yet quiet cutter will produce a cleaner cut at a quicker travel speed than was thought possible on a low flow skid steer. The 10” deck clearance and the raised back allow cut debris to escape and to easily avoid bunching under the deck.

  • Chain curtains front and back
  • 4 double edged blades (72” only)
  • Requires only 16 GPMs
  • Cuts up to 5” trees
  • Wire protection kit under deck
  • Rugged deck with heavy reinforcements
  • 2 year warranty
  • Visible sight glass to check oil level

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