EZ Spot UR

- Model EZ-0008 - Double Cylinder Pole Claw


The Double Cylinder Pole Claw is designed to handle poles up to 32 feet long and up to 1200lbs. With the Double Cylinder Pole Claw, the operator can set or take down light poles, solar panels, fencing or pole barns with speed and precision.

Less labor ! More productivity!
From the control cab of the Skid Steer, Telehandler or Excavator the operator can pick a pole up off the ground or off the back of a trailer, and set it with an extreme precision.

  • Fits all Skid Steers equipped with the Universal Quick’Tach.
  • Can be modified to go on an Excavator and Telehandler
  • Designed with 2 independent jaws that open and close one after another for pole security and operator safety.
  • Mounted with rubber lining to protect the pole.
  • The clamping is activated by two 2’’ X 6’’ cylinders and can be adjusted to regulate clamp pressure.
  • Comes complete with wiring harness, spring hose mount and flush faced couplers.
  • Opens to 14 inches, closes down to 3 inches (0 inches with optional inserts)
  • Assures quick and easy setting of Metal, Wood or Plastic Poles.

The Double Pole Claw eliminates the need for cranes, slings, or extra man hours. The rubber lining prevents damage, and the second sequencing claw allows for precision setting of light standards and pole buildings.

The Double Pole Claw is currently being used in the following industries.

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Residential Wind Tower Installation
  • Pole Barns or Pole Buildings
  • Fencing
  • Foundation Industry
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil Fields
  • Farming
  • Pilings and Shoring
  • Forestry
  • Parks and Recreations
  • Government

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