- Fp with Hi-Sides



The optional Hi- sides increase the capacity of the EzSpred. J bolts are used to fasten the 3 & 4 foot sides through the stake pockets, which are standard on the spreader. The inside height of the spreader becomes 74' on the low side and 86' on the high side. The swing out tail gate is latched in the floor chains. From the cab console start the floor and the tailgate unlatches. The slanted tailgate, helps with more uniform unloading and quicker clean out. After unloading, start rolling forward and hit the breaks once and the tailgate latches back in the floor. Unloading time is less the 90 seconds and can be as low as 78 seconds. Twelve ton loads are common.

To convert spreader for hauling forage, remove the beater assembly & slurry gate. Use the pins provided to hold the hydraulic cylinders. Add the sides and tailgate, lifting brackets are provided on the sides.

If needed when filling some types of baggers a barndoor style end gate can be ordered. Also a remote can be used to stop and start the floor. Not only can a EzSpred with Hi-sides unload quicker than a 20 ft dump box, you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

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