Ezy Technology Innovations Ltd.

- Fill Bulk Filler


Ezy Fill is fast becoming the Precision farming partner for: Fertilizer Spreading, Seed Drilling, Fertilizer Placement. Ezy Fill is the most versatile machine to enter the market in recent times. It can auto-fill any Make or Model of mounted Spreader to give the user a precision bulk spreading system saving time and money on any farm. With a capacity increase of up to 8 ton it makes Fertilizer spreading a fast more efficient process. Ezy Fill increases seed drilling capacity up to 8 tons giving a user large drilling capacity in 1 fill, saving on labour, in field machinery requirements and energy costs. Ezy Fill can also place Fertilizer in conjunction with a Strip Tillage unit. Metered Fertilizer can be placed with a capacity of up to 8 Ton in 1 fill. With Strip Tillage usage set to increase globally in the next few years coupled with precision placement of Fertilizer offers farmers a system for increased yield output and savings on Fertilizer inputs.

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