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Model F 800 IDR - Inter Row Disk


It connects with the main transmission and it allows the shredder to work precisely and carefully around the plants without damaging the bark. It can be used on the long grass around the stalks with no need to use weed killers, thus contributing to the protection of the environment. The inter-row disk is suitable for uneven ground and all types of arboreous cultivations. The height and angle of the disk can be adjusted.

Hydraulic sensor for disk IDR New

The hydraulic sensor permits the automatic swing of the inter-row disk and it is applied on the relative hydraulic system. This device permits a higher sensitivity of the inter-row disk in contact with delicate obstacles, as for example young trees, and it avoids the contact of the disk with the trees’ bark. It always remains the possibility to control the disk manually from the tractor. Optional accessory for F800IDR, F600IDR, F8003P

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