Model F-800 - Greenhouse Sprayers


The F-800 is highly maneuverable with four wheels and a narrow front steering mechanism, which allows for 90 degree aisle turns. Easy change tongues make hand maneuvering a snap and small vehicle transporting possible. 10 inch diameter easy ride tires smooth the bumps on uneven ground.

A new tapered bottom tank allows complete drainage. A 1/2 inch additional drain is provided. Tank is removable for easy cleaning or substitution of an auxiliary tank, for alternate uses of solutions.

The system provides continuous 'high action' re-circulating tank agitation. A 'Chem Saver' tank shutoff valve, allows reclaiming of excess chemicals and permits cleaning of the hose and pump, with chemical still in the tank. Only top quality Cat pumps are used. Honda or Briggs & Stratton gasoline engines are available.

  • 800 PSI of pressure

  • 3 GPM Flow

  • 100 ft. of hose (standard)

  • 200 ft. reel capacity of 3/8' hose

  • CAT pump with 3 ceramic plungers

  • 35 gallon complete drain tank

  • Quick adjust pressure control

  • Fluid filled gauge

  • 2 guns for misting & drenching

  • Quick couple fittings for fast & easy maintenance

  • Bypass pump protection

  • 22' cart clearance for narrow spaces

  • Honda or Briggs and Stratton gas engine are available

  • Fits 22' aisle

  • 10' 'No Flat' tires

  • Fresh water back flush for easy clean out

  • Highly maneuverable

  • 4 wheels with narrow front steering allows for 90 degree aisle turn

  • 'High Action' recirculating tank agitation

  • Chemical saver tank shutoff valve

  • Tapered bottom tank for drainability, 1/2' additional drain is provided

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