Model F Series - Forwarders Cranes



Our range of eleven different forwarder models includes the classic F series (based on the Loglift design) and the new M series, which is a brand new Mesera design. Cranes come equipped with either an external or internal hose system. The external is easy to change – even in the most demanding conditions or when a precise replacement is not available. The internal, integrated hose doesn’t jam and is particularly well-suited to skidder crane solutions.

Forwarder cranes are used alongside forestry machinery in industrial settings such as sawmills and waste handling plants, as well as on chippers and tractors. The cranes are delivered with a cabin and control system.

The new M Series comes equipped with 20 mm pipes and o.5“ hoses leading to the cranetip. This results in less pressure loss, faster movement, and higher energy-efficiency. Protected rotator hoses (Y link) are also available and we still support traditional links and double brake links. Our customers are free to choose the best components to suit their needs.

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