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Model F135, F170 and F190 - Two Drum Mechanical Mower



The mechanical lateral drum mowers F135, F170 and F190 are characterised by their efficiency and dependability in any working condition. Transmission is by means of universal joints. The gearbox is equipped with a safety device (overrun clutch). This range of machines also comprises the series with conditioner.

By means of a simple manual operation, the mower is positioned behind the tractor without protruding from it.

A release mechanism allows the mower to be moved back if an obstacle is encountered. The three-point hitch with reciprocating bar permits constant adaptation to the ground even when uneven or sloping. Replacement of the blades is simple and easy: simply unscrew the screw three turns and lever with the spanner to insert the knife into the pin, then tighten the screw.

The conditioner consists of two rubber rollers, shaped to press and split the fodder at regular intervals of  5-6 cm throughout its length. The rows are soft and well-ventilated, a necessary pre-condition for quality fodder.

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