Model F15 and C15 - Folding Disc Harrows



AMCO F15 and C15 Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrows with folding flexwings are heavy-duty tools for primary tillage applications. Both models feature folding wings that flex and follow the contour of the field. The double offset tandem design effortlessly smooths the soil to create the perfect, berm-free seedbed.

  • F15 – 9″ spacing
  • C15 – 7½″ spacing

These discs include features such as:

  • Protect-O-Shield® triple-lip sealed, greasable ball-type, toggle-mounted bearings to eliminate blown seals and damage caused by wrap
  • DIAL-A-DEPTH to allow an even cut with positive depth control over the entire width of the harrow
  • Main frames featuring boxed, all-welded steel tubing
  • An adjustable clevis of ductile iron that fits all tractor hitches
  • Scrapers have high-carbon replaceable blades on heavy-duty shanks, mounted with grade 5 bolts on high-grade angle iron bars
  • Overlapping front discs cut through soil and residue, while the flow of soil off the staggered rear disc gangs fills in the center furrow. This results in a more even performance and the perfect seedbed—without the need of a shank to level off the center

Optional features include:

  • Heavy-duty wheels, heavy-duty scrapers, and cutout blades in place of standard blades
  • Upgraded scraper system ideal for wet conditions (standard on C15 Heavy Duty) is available on F15 Heavy Duty models

  • Wider ditch at shallower depths or larger ditches at deeper depths .
  • For wider ditches for more flow and shallower cuts when needed.
  • Wider ditch at shallower depths for less jarring of the tractor.
  • Cat. II and lll point quick coupler hitch
  • Dual sprockets and dual #80 chain
  • 5 replaceable heat-treated high-carbon blades
  • Extended adjustable skid to accommodate the larger cutting head
  • Extended buster shank
  • Available in 1000 PTO
  • Same durable AMCO ditcher frame
  • Heavier PTO shaft
  • Chain, bearings and sprockets emerged in a sealed oil bath.
  • Damaged prevented by shear bolt on PTO drive shaft

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