Model F17 - Standard Non-Folding Disc Harrow



For dependable seedbed preparation, you can rely on AMCO’s F17 Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrow, our non-folding option for breaking and smoothing the soil. Weighing between 296 and 337 pounds per cutting foot, the F17 disc harrows are available in 93″, 106″, 120″, 136″, 150″, and 166″ models for use with tractors ranging from 68 to 176 engine HP.

Features include:

  • Eight or twelve (depending on model size) regreasable ball-type, toggle-mounted Protect-O-Shield® bearings, guaranteed for two full years
  • 1½” square, high-carbon, cold-rolled steel axles
  • Reversible clevis
  • Heavy-duty scrapers with high-carbon replaceable blades
  • Standard 22″ x 1/4″ plain blades on 9″ spacing
  • Diminishing blades with 16″ feathering blades on the rear gang
  • Standard gang bolt wrench and a 4″ x 8″ (3,000 PSI) hydraulic cylinder with hoses to tractor
  • Wear guards to protect bearing housing and zerk guards to protect grease fitting
  • Dealing with unexpected or unpredictable terrain? Try the optional Shock Absorber Gang Riser, which allows the gang on the harrow to move upward and back to relieve shock when the disc blades encounter an obstacle in the ground
  • Safety features include safety chains, slow-moving placard, and light kits

Options include: Shock Absorber Gang Riser, 15″ x 10″ wheels in place of 15″ x 8″ wheels, dual wheels in place of single wheels, cutout blades in place of the standard plain blades, and scrapers for the rear feathering blades.

  • Heavy-duty hubs with double-lip seals
  • 2 bolts ¾' in diameter attach each hub to gang frames
  • Gangs have 3 different angle settings
  • 1½' diameter square axles
  • All-welded extra heavy-duty gang frames
  • Attaches with 2 heavy-duty ⅞' U-bolts
  • High ground clearance prevents plugging
  • Optional blade styles and diameters to choose from
  • Optional blade scrapers

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