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- Model F2614/W - Full-Circle Plastic Sprinkler



Full circle impact sprinkler. ½” Male thread. 14º water stream angle. Specially suitables for low (F2614W) and medium flow (F2614) undertree irrigation.

  • Suitable for low and medium flow undertree irrigation.
  • Its lower jet radius doesn’t directly reaches foliage avoiding fruits deterioration. Indicated also for nurseries and
  • greenhouses.
  • Strong in design, it features some major and significative improvements that emphasize its durability.
  • Its bearing sleeve thread is protected against breakage after impacts.
  • Highly recommended for banana plantations for its performance, UV radiation protection, protection of
  • delicate parts and accessories among which the feedtube assembly is to mention.
  • Available in 3 formats and suitable for a rapid installation anywhere.

  • Extra-sturdy design.
  • Security cap on the arm spring offers protection against debris.
  • Due to an innovative system, the crown that holds the arm spring allows tension variation to adjust the sprinkler performance to extreme pressure or flow conditions.
  • Bearing spring protector guided by the bearing to grant a correct sliding of the sprinkler body on the protector itself.
  • Thanks to their bayonet coupling system, it is easy to change and clean the 3Q nozzles.
  • This model allows using three different vanes to achieve the desired coverage and pulverisation balance according to the available system pressure.

  • Full circle impact sprinkler
  • 1/2” Male base threaded
  • 14º Nozzle trajectory angle
  • Pressure range: 15-60 PSI
  • Nozzle range: 5/64”-9/64”
  • Solid thermoplastics to protect it against UV radiation and corrosion.
  • Stainless steel in spring and shaft.
  • Color-coded anti abrasive acetalic resin nozzles carved  in millimetres and inches for a better identification.
  • F2614W (low pressure model)

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