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- Model CQ/MTM10PS - Crop Temperature Sensors



Portable and static sensors that connect to the Minitemp Temperature Monitor. The fast-response 600mm or 1.5m portable sensors are stainless steel; static sensors are rigid PVC 2m or 3m long. Flexible cable sensors can be supplied to any length, but are usually in multiples of 10 metres. A single long length is better than several shorter lengths joined together. Each cable is fitted with a jack plug and locking jack socket.

600mm Sensor – CQ/MTM10PS600; 2m Sensor – FC054; 3m Sensor – FC055; Flexible – TEMPFLEXSENSOR10/length)

  • The simplest way to measure crop temperature and conform to quality assurance schemes
  • Easy to use – just push into the grain and take a reading
  • Fast response sensor – so several readings can be taken in a short time
  • An inexpensive crop monitoring solution

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