Model F64 - Rotary Corn Head



The only rotary corn head for pull-type forage harvester on the market. 2,25 m wide (90'), 3 rows of 30”. For tractors from 120 to 240 hp.

3 rows for pull-type forage harvester

For Forage Harvester:
Dion : 1224XC et F41
New Holland : 900, FP230-240
CaseIH : FHX300
Gehl : Séries 75 et 85
JohnDeere : 3955 & 3975

Unmatched simplicity

No other corn head matches the simplicty of the F64 rotary head. Its drivetrain contains few parts and requires very low power. Only two chains are used to convey the crop and drive the drums. It does not use any auger and unlike regular rotary head, it conveys the stalks directly to the feedrolls in the best orientation: No dead space, even feeding and always regular length of cut. The conveying chains are unique to Dion. They are assembled with O-rings and require little maintenance. The use of sealed bearings on the head minimizes maintenace.

A four row corn head but only 2 gathering chains! The heavy duty ANSI #80 chain with 0-rings is pratically maintenance free. The exclusive chain design transports the crop with unprecedented fluidity and efficiency.

Boost your harvester peformances!

The F64 corn head is compatible with pull-type harvesters from Dion, John Deere, CaseIH, NewHolland and Gehl. Its exclusive concept combines the advantages of rotary and conventionnal headers. The versatility of rotary drums allows you to harvest faster, with less fatigue and without having to worry about row spacing and direction. You harvest at full width and full capacity even in asymetrical fields or tight corners. Taking back the field rounds is easy with the aggressive drums. Everything that is cut is harvested.

Designed based on a thorough development program, the patented concept unites the performance of rotary headers and the economy of conventional header. No other pull-type or self-propelled harvester system offers you so much for your money.

Better silage quality

The use of conveying chains ensures an umatched feeding evenness. You can maintain a higher harvesting speed and exploit all the power available. The perfect alignement of the stalks provides a more precise length of cut for a higher silage quality.

The ideal cut

Each rotary blade is driven by V-belts and rotates in the opposite direction to the drums. This design eliminates vibration and reduces noise. The four knife sections per disck are made of durable heat-treated steel. If replacement is ever needed, these parts are affordable and only a few minutes are required. The impact cut shatters the standing stalks to accelerate decomposition and reduce tire damage.

Model: Dion F64
Number of drums: 2
Effective width: 2,2m / 86'' - 3 rows @ 76cm / 30'' (3 rows @ 40'' – 5 rows @ 20'')
Weight : 700kg / 1550 lbs
Conveying chains:
2 chains – ANSI #80 with «O-ring» and exclusive link design
Cutting disks : Opposite rotation, replacable sections – 60km/h at tip
Disk drive: Double 5VX V-belts
Overload protection: Shear bolt
Recommended power:  120-240hp

Compatible with forage harvester:
Dion : F41 / 1224 / 1224XC
New Holland : 900 / FP230 / FP240
John Deere : 3955 / 3975
Gehl : Series 75 et 85

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