Fabricated Plastic Products


Seafarm Systems supplies a wide range of stock items for use by the aquaculture industry. Our product lines include:

  • Anchors
  • Chains
  • Chain plates and quadrants
  • Shackles
  • Rope
  • Thimbles
  • Slings
  • Net weights
  • Floats and buoys
  • Shellfish baskets
  • Airlift pumps
  • Fish Bins 680 and 1000 litre

We also provide many custom fabricated plastic products, recognising that many customers have different needs and preferences.  We are continually working with farmers to produce products that meet their needs.

Some examples of custom items:
  • Bird net stands
  • Feed hopper floats
  • Tow floats
  • Hatchery plumbing, tanks, manifolds, towers
  • Airlift fish pumps
  • Harvest tables
  • Sinker Tubes (net weight rings)
  • Weights of various sizes and configuration
  • Pontoons and pontoon floats
  • Abalone hides
  • Specialty floats
  • Transport tanks
  • Assorted tanks

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