- Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher



It is specifically designed to be used on tractors with the PTO shaft positioned in a lower profile, for an optimal working angle. The contained dimensions and weight make it suitable for smaller and lower profile tractors. The frame is stronger to resist the pressure and push of tracked tractors as well as sharp turns. This avoids potential damage to the frame itself and to those components such as bearings and rotor hubs. UML/LOW is designed specifically for vineyards and orchards. Multiple tooth options are available for different applications.

The standard equipment includes:

  • PTO drive shaft with cam clutch,
  • gearbox with freewheel,
  • hydraulic rear hood,
  • adjustable skids.

Options: hydraulic top link, special skids to go underground, pushing frame, and the possibility to have the rotor equipped with tooth type 'C/HD' or 'D'.

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