- Model Plus - Microsprinklers



The Bowsmith Fan-Jet micro-sprinkler combines the quality of the original Fan-Jet micro-sprinkler, plus the added feature that prevents clogging or pattern distortion due to insects and other external objects - saving you time and money.

  • Exclusive Fan-Jet PLUS 'Dual Action' frame: pops-up & retracts
  • All water contact surfaces are protected from insects and other external foreign objects
  • No rotating parts to break, stick, or wear out.
  • Simple take-a-part, two piece design allows for quick cleaning of nozzle clogged by particles in the irrigation water
  • Five spray patterns available
  • Seven color-coded flow rates: 6.0 to 29.4 gallons per hour


Fan-Jet PLUS advantages over drip emitters:

  • Larger wetted area per tree = Larger root system
  • Greater irrigation flexibility = Energy savings, soil aeration, & frost protection
  • Priced lower than dual line drip = Better value

Fan-Jet PLUS Advantages over rotary sprinklers:

  • Precision water placement = Better irrigation efficiency
  • Precise delivery of fertilizers & micronutrients = $avings
  • Low application rates = Better soil penetration and less runoff
  • Lower operating pressures = Lower energy costs
  • Lower price = Better value

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