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- Hydraulic Poultry Manure Compost Windrow Turner


Introduction for high efficiency poultry manure continuous compost windrow turner machine Compost turner machine/manure compost turner machine is mainly used to compost mushroom for farm use.Also this machine can process other materials too. Sticky materials such as animal manures, chimney ashes,husk of rice,paper pulp ect. Loose materials such as agricultural stalks,various grasses,sugarcane and corn leaf, agricultural waste and household waste. Features for high efficiency chicken manure continuous compost turners machine 1.Manure compost turner machine simple design, reliable and practicable quality . 2. Equipped with hydraulic system,good flexibility and adaptability. 3. The height of roller can best suits the size of the windrow. 4. Fast movement , slow movement ,forward and backward can be adjusted.

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